Running Assessment

What to expect

For people who just started running or experienced runners, this assessment can help those who want to improve their technique, performance or any other running-specific injuries or pains.

We all have different body types, leg lengths, flexibility and strength which can often have a great influence on how we run. We are able to assess all of these variables and help you to understand what can be done to ultimately help you run faster and with less pain.

During the assessment, your physio will observe your running technique on the treadmill, record and analyse your movement and provide you with specific advice to help you to optimize your running.


If indicated, we can also provide manual therapy to help address any other intrinsic barriers to your progress. You may also be provided with some exercises to assist in the management of any injuries or to facilitate improvement in running form.  

Health Fund Codes: 

Consultation: 500

Follow-up Consultations: 505

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