Vestibular Physiotherapy

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Real time ultrasound
Real time ultrasound

Real time ultrasound machine placed on a patients back to see muscles

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What to expect

The vestibular system is located within our inner ears and contributes to our spacial awareness, and sense of balance and body position. This system can disrupted and cause symptoms of vertigo, nausea, vomitting and nystagmus.

During your physiotherapy consult, we will use positional manoeuvres to diagnose and treat your symptoms. This will often include a thororugh assessment of your head and neck exclude their involvement in your presenting symptoms. 

Some types of vertigo can be brought on by headaches and neck pain or neck trauma like whiplash while others can be a result of a physical issue within the vestibular system. 

The most common type of Vertigo is called BPPV (Benign Paroximal Positional Vertigo). Symptoms can be quite severe but can be resolved relatively quickly with vestibular physiotherapy.

Including in the session, we will also go over some self-management techniques that can be used to manage your symptoms. 

Following your session, you may experience some dizziness as a result of treatment, however it typically resolves shortly after if treatment is successful. It is often advisable to give yourself adequate time after your session to sit and let any sypmtoms settle before safely travelling. 

Find out more about BPPV here

Health Fund Codes: 
Initial Consultation: 500

Follow-up Consultations: 505

Extended Follow-up Consultations (60 minutes+): 506

Fee Schedule:

45 minutes: $140

60 minutes: $170

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