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To get the very most out of your bike, decrease your risk of injury and increase your efficiency, your bike needs to be setup specific to you. Timothy Tey is our Bike-fitting physiotherapist you can see for your ergonomic setup. 

Just as no 2 people are the same, everyone has different injuries, strengths and weaknesses, your optimal bike set-up cannot be calculated with a formula. For example, someone with a long history of neck, shoulder and back pain may not be able to get into the same most aerodynamic position on the bike as someone without any of these injuries. 

As physiotherapists, we help treat your aches and pains, we help rehabilitate you from injury and we help you with your ergonomic set-ups at work. This puts us in an ideal position to help you set-up your bike and give you an unbiased opinion regarding any recommendations for shoes, cleats, saddles etc.

With our understanding of the body, we can  work backwards to understand what it is about your bike that may be contributing to your pain. 

It is often the easy to point the finger at your bike having the wrong saddle, the wrong pedals or cleats as the cause of your aches and pains. We will work to not only assess any shortcomings of your bike set-up but also uncover any of your weaknesses that are hindering your ultimate performance. 

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6/62 Shottery Street


Tuesday - Saturday: 8am - 8pm




(07) 3892 3938
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We are very lucky to have our two dogs join us in our clinic, however if you have any allergies or aversions, please let us know!

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