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Getting Started: Physiotherapy


Call, Email or Message us here!

Get started by connecting with us to make a booking. On booking, we will send through a form to collect a few extra details from you. This will ensure that our physio can spend as much time for assessment and treatment.

Initial Physiotherapy Consultation: 500

Follow-up Physiotherapy Consultations: 505

Extended Physiotherapy Consultations (60 minutes or longer): 506

Turn up a few minutes before your appointment

Our physios work very hard to keep on time and if you happen to be running late, they are not able to make up the time and extend your session.

Feel free to bring a spare change of clothes if it makes the area you are being treated easier to access, we have bathrooms within the clinic to get changed if necessary.


After your appointment

After your treatment session your physio will provide you with options on how best to manage the injury ongoing. You may also be provided with a little bit of homework to ensure that your injury keeps moving in the right direction.

You may make another booking on the spot or you reach out at any time that you feel you may need help. It is typical to expect we may like to see you for another appointment to check in or to continue treatment


If you need to rearrange or cancel a booking

In order to keep our fees affordable for our extended consults, as a small business we have to ensure that our time is spent treating those in need. This is why we require a minimum of 24 hours notice before any changes to your appointment to avoid any cancellation fees. This does in fact apply in all situations including sickness to give us the chance to fit someone else on our waiting list.


We do provide courtesy reminder e-mail and SMS reminders to provide as many opportunities to reschedule should you need to.

If you are ever unwell and fear that there is a probable chance that you will not be able to attend your appointment, we always suggest letting us know as early as possible to minimise any cancellation fees that may incur. See more about our policy here


In need of rehabilitation or programmed exercise? 

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