Getting started: 

How does this work for you?

To achieve the best results possible, weekly classes are recommended. Speak to us to find out which of our classes have a vacancy. 

Once we find a time that fits your schedule, we will reserve that spot for you with a recurring booking. Should you ever need to cancel or reschedule, please feel free to give us a call as we do require 24 hours to avoid cancellation fees (see back page). In order for us to keep this recurring spot for you, attendance of at least 4 sessions in a 6 week period is mandatory. If this is not an option, you can simply book week-to-week when there are vacancies available.

Step 1: Book in an initial consultation

In this session we will learn more about you and your body’s strengths and weaknesses, together with any current and/or previous injuries. This understanding will allow us to develop an individualised exercise program that will focus on your specific strength, conditioning and rehabilitation goals.

1:1 Rehabilitation Ssessions: 505

Step 2: 1:1 Sessions (60 Minutes)

We will guide you through your program, teaching you how to set up and use the equipment while refining and modifying your exercises to maximise your results.


This commonly takes 2-4 sessions to ensure you are safe and confident to join one of our classes.

1:1 Rehabilitation Ssessions: 505

Step 3: Rehab Classes (60 minutes)

Each class is outcome driven and  focusses on flexibility, core and functional strength to ensure you reach your specific goals. 


Our classes are limited to 4 people to ensure that your physiotherapist can provide appropriate supervision, modification and 

progression of your program.

Exercise Rehabilitation Class: 560

Exercise Rehabilitation Duo: 560

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